View Full Version : Auto g/box - does it adapt to your style?

07-07-09, 17:00
Just wandered if anyone knows if the auto gearboxes in the UK Supra TT actually 'adapt' to ones driving style?

My previous and current auto's all had this feature but can't find any mention of it for the Supra.

07-07-09, 17:08
It doesn't learn anything from how you drive it, if that's what you mean.

07-07-09, 17:13
Thanks for that :)

Matt H
07-07-09, 17:31
So what can an Auto ECU learn?

Surely it's already set for optimum gear changes at every throttle / revs combination?

07-07-09, 17:42
Its not something that bothers me as the auto box in the Supra works fine, quite impressive for a 4spd box. As for the more modern auto boxes usually found on sports/prestige vehicles, they are said to adapt to your driving style.

How they do this, under what circumstances and time span I don't know. I do know that when I used to let my mum take my XKR and T5 for her motorway journeys, when I got back in them the boxes would be less responsive and not deliver the feel that I had got used to. After some miles myself it would return to how I liked it.

07-07-09, 17:49
Yeah more modern autoboxes do adapt to yuor driving style, not the supra's. We had loads of customer's, especially recent 2nd hand buyer's, coming into work saying they're car's a bit juddery or not responsive enough. All it needed was an Adaptions Reset and away they went :)