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Rays the roof
22-06-09, 13:36
Hey everyone.

I am arranging JAE for the club this year and wanted to invite as many people from the South as possible. It is going to be a great event and we want to get the biggest club turnout ever. The official thread is here:


I will coordinate regional convoys to meet up with each other(where possible eg SE & South), if I can get a local member to take responsibility for their region.

Any volunteers?? JAMIE/LUI?? ;)


Rays the roof
06-07-09, 17:25
Guys! I might be a Man U fan, but no need to ignore me!!

Can anyone help out??

Rays the roof
13-07-09, 07:59

Rays the roof
14-08-09, 07:52
3 weeks to go ;)

Please put your name down if you haven't already done so!