View Full Version : North East Skyline (And Supra) Meetup - 28th March

Paul Laing
22-03-04, 15:48
Anyone from the North East fancy a meetup with the Skyline boys, to show them up of course lol :p

there meeting on sunday at the Wynyard services just off the A19 on the way to Greatham

Mc D's and a pub there

12o'clock meetup.

Anyone fancy this? Chris, AJI, Kev will your car be ready? Iain_Spen? Anyone from the North East or anyone willing to travel up?


22-03-04, 15:56
i would love to come but my car is not here till may.

22-03-04, 16:34
it's a possibility....

been real busy lately and depends how hungover i am LOL :p

Gaz Walker
22-03-04, 17:33
Paul, me and Kevin are going to the TOC event...


Paul Laing
22-03-04, 21:39
Whats the TOC event mate? Up for a meetup Chris and skin some Skylines?

Paul ;)

22-03-04, 22:25
Paul, its the Toyota/Lexus Owners Club meet at Gaydon

Paul Laing
23-03-04, 13:01
Oh right, sounds far away! ;)

25-03-04, 14:22
yeah ill see you there Paul :)

Paul Laing
25-03-04, 15:52
Nice one, lets show these GTS's up eh?

Theres a nice R34 GTR V-Spec that lives in Newcastle.....hope he turns up :)

Paul Laing
28-03-04, 00:19
Michel, fancy meeting some Skylines tomorrow between 12 and 12:30 at wolviston service's? Thats right near you at the Bp Garage? Chris is coming along, should be good! Ask your brother aswell mate.