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26-01-09, 19:48
Hi guys I am new to the Supra scene, I have a Skyline R33 GTR at the minute, looking for a UK TT manual standard looking.:d:d

26-01-09, 19:50
Welcome aboard.

Any pics of the Skyline? We do like a nice picture.

Good luck with your search, a few UKs have been up for sale recently, sadly mine is an auto so it won't be of interest to you.

26-01-09, 20:03
:hello: Welcome. There's a UK spec manual in the classifieds at the moment (You'll have to be a paid up member to look though)
Don't discount the automatic cars though, I used to have a UK spec auto and it was fantastic. I'd only really recommend a manual if you want over 500hp.

26-01-09, 20:06
Not good with computers, don't know how to put pics on.:(

I def want a manual, don't like auto.

26-01-09, 20:14
Not good with computers, don't know how to put pics on.:(

You can attach them on here if you have any on your computer, when you reply to, or make a new post look under the white text entry box you are typing in, scroll down some more and there is a "Manage Attachments" button, use this to upload pics.

I def want a manual, don't like auto.

That's fine and dandy and an opinion lots of people share - by all means buy a manual, just have a quick drive in an auto too if you get chance (manual and auto modes), for reference - it's not like normal autos. You might still buy a manual but at least you can do so knowing you've tried the options :)

26-01-09, 20:15
:welcome:, Try the supra auto its very good. I would love to own Michael's Supra, stunning example

26-01-09, 20:18
Welcome, i have a UK TT6. You cant have it though :p

Whats your budget? UKTT6 demand quite a premium as there are not many left.

26-01-09, 20:25
Some pics

26-01-09, 20:27
I all depends if I keep my bike, 15 if I get rid of bike or 11 if I keep it.

26-01-09, 20:54
Nice Skyline, looks very clean, good luck in your search & :welcome:

26-01-09, 21:02
Thanks, it is clean it took me a year to find it, had alot of messers along the way.

26-01-09, 23:19
Nice skyline,and welcome to the club mate!

27-01-09, 01:41
nice, welcome

27-01-09, 06:07

nice skyline.

27-01-09, 08:17
welcome to the club

28-01-09, 11:32
Hi and welcome to the club.

As Michael said dont dissmiss the auto till you have had a good test drive in one, I used to say "never an auto" till I had a good test drive in a Supra auto and now I dont think I would go back.

I still don't know how the auto box manages to do all that it does.

All the best.