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10-02-04, 05:45
Started my install of these goodies!!:D Boost logic turbo kit with 4" midpipe/ downpipe. BL 67 turbo with anti-surge shroud / fuel kit - meth kit -- FJO-WBO2, Gauges-EGT-Fuel P- HKS tri clutch install kit- resistor pack- Titan line lock- B&M short shifter-2 HKS SSQV's. etc...




Adam W
10-02-04, 08:53
Mmmmmm, shiny :cool:

Let us know how you like it. Who are you getting to tune it dude?

Terry S
10-02-04, 09:10
Randy, can you let us know if the 4" DP fits a RHD car OK.

10-02-04, 09:55
thats a beautiful kit, good luck getting it all sorted. yr gonna hate the hks triple if its a daily driver, its no good for the strip neither. its a track clutch.

Terry S
10-02-04, 09:59
Originally posted by eyefi
thats a beautiful kit

The Boostlogic kit is fantastic VFM. If anyone seriously wants one send me an e-mail or PM me.

10-02-04, 21:16
wow looks sexy and shiny :) hope mine comes soon. would also like to know if the 4" dp/mp fits ok. i went for the 3.5" dp/mp

randy take lots of photos of your install

these projects keep coming :)

10-02-04, 22:42
monkey, i cant wait 'til yrs comes. im gonna live my tuning life through u, cos i cant afford it :)

10-02-04, 22:53
you can map the fook out of mine lad. i just love seeing all these projects on the go. your project sounds intresting but you too secret about your plans.

randy or dude get yer kit on for the lads :)

11-02-04, 15:22
Hi guys! Been busy with work and also been popping in to see the progress of my car. Getting the pea-shooters out was a PITA! Car should be done in by the end of next week!!:D

Boostlogic kit is definately one of the best kits for value and quality! I personally flew all the way to the U.S- Austin tx met kean and Chris (the pro mechanic)! They have a great setup and are doing fantastically well! Spent 3 days hanging out at the shop, saw about 10 supras at the shop all waiting to get work done. Chris - the pro mechanic took me for a spin in a 850hp supra which was..........insane!! I froze with fright!!got sucked into the seat asking for him to slow down, car was all over the place and the sound was terrifing.
I am really lucky to have the first 4"dp/mp from boostlogic as they had only a proto-type that had to be sent for production but kean took time out to personally make another one just for me. :D
I will let you guys know how it all goes with regard to the 4"dp/mp fit soon!:cool:

11-02-04, 15:31
randy that manifold looks small against the size of your turbo, keep us posted how it goes with plenty of photos

Adam W
11-02-04, 18:23
What are you using for engine management Randy?

11-02-04, 19:08
its gotta b aem with the methanol kit. randy did u meet anarkey, i love that guys posts on supraforums.

12-02-04, 05:04
I was told to stick with the stock computer with S-AFC till such time I could get justin down to Bangalore for the AEM as I would have a problem getting it to run properely. Hopefully should have em here sometime in July. Justin/kean are great guys justin is one of the best AEM tuners......Ahhhh... they bought me a couple of lap dances too !!hehehe:D ;)

The only issue I might have is the idle which will be pig rich with the 780cc injectors so I would need to remove a lot of fuel! Hope the S-AFC can do that? Would I need to use the low throttle settings?

Terry S
12-02-04, 09:01
Randy, FYI I know of a car that idled just fine using a SAFC on 850cc injectors so you should be ok.

12-02-04, 15:42
Will a 4" downpipe fit the exhaust, or do you need an adaptor?

Terry S
12-02-04, 15:54
I think you would need an adaptor. I will speak to Kean if you want. I think the 4" DP's are designed to bolt up to the HKS Ti.

12-02-04, 15:56
Thanks terry! that is re-assuring.......Do you know how I should remove fuel at idle if it were to run rich? Do I use the low throttle setting? It would be nice to finally see my air-fuel ratios in real time with the FJO.



Bikes on southbeach - miami! I think they are called american chopper.



My next car!:D


Terry S
12-02-04, 16:01
Randy, PM me.

12-02-04, 16:07
Terry your right the 4" dp/mp has been made with a V-band and is a direct fit on a HKS ti. Don't think it would be possible to use an adaptor as the length of the midpipe would be too long....:)

12-02-04, 16:20
Do you know if the BL downpipe will bolt onto any manifold or is it specifically designed for the BL manifold?

Nice looking kit by the way...:)

Terry S
12-02-04, 16:25
Nick, If you are asking will it bolt to a cast header it's not going to happen. There are a few 4" Downpipes about. They are designed to fit either the HKS style, or GReddy style tubular header. The BL is based on a greddy one.

12-02-04, 16:33
Terry - Thanks. Very much doubt a 4" downpipe will be necessary for what I'm after but I wanted to know as I'm considering a HKS Ti...

13-02-04, 18:53
Fitted the manifold and turbo today along with the 4" dp/mp absolutely no clearance issues fits real clean!! No where near the steering column too!!:)

Terry S
13-02-04, 22:40

14-02-04, 00:08

Mate how the heck are you importing that stuff into India without costing a fortune? Or does your Nephew work in customs ehem.

Nice kit mate. You lucky boy. :thumbs:

14-02-04, 04:15
Originally posted by randy
Fitted the manifold and turbo today along with the 4" dp/mp absolutely no clearance issues fits real clean!! No where near the steering column too!!:)

great to hear that!! =) Remember to take lots of pics :D
The meth stuff is coming!!

14-02-04, 06:11
Ahh..... we have the chariman of Boostlogic here!:D Hi kean! Im glad you joined the U.K board!! We need to motivate the U.K boys to go single instead of going the hybrid route. Hopefully with your input they would be more convinced.:thumbs:
Will get some good photos taken soon and post them!:)

14-02-04, 06:15
Originally posted by Justin

Mate how the heck are you importing that stuff into India without costing a fortune? Or does your Nephew work in customs ehem.

Nice kit mate. You lucky boy. :thumbs:

Ouuuu... Don't ask Don't tell!!:D :D All I can say is I cant afford to pay 62% FOB on my shipments...:sly: