View Full Version : Sigma M30 alarm not working

27-10-08, 19:02
Hey I recently bought my car it has a sigma m30 alarm fitted but the car only came with one remote and no papaer work now here's the problem the battery in the key fob died so i replaced that but now the key fob wont disactivate the imobiliser so i cant start the car i know theres codes that can be enterd to program a key fob but u need 2 be able to arm then disarm the system to enter them and that curently isnt posible anyone have any sugestions of what i can do???


27-10-08, 19:45
You will need a Sigma approved installer to reprogram alarm.

27-10-08, 22:08
thanx m8 thought it i would just thought id c if anyone new any other way cheers

28-10-08, 15:05
Welcome by the way :)