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Steve Cargill
05-06-02, 23:06
There was a discussion a little while ago about the pocket that fits above/below a single DIN stereo. Has anyone confirmed it yet and is the UK and Jap compatable?

The part number in question was 55022-17010 - Cover, Stereo opening and 4 * 90159-50204 screws?

06-06-02, 09:35
my EPC shows that as correct - cover stereo opening, (looks like a pocket on the pic) cant say if it will fit Jspec as I only have the UK discs loaded But they are correct part #.

06-06-02, 11:35
John, what is the EPC software you are using?


Steve Cargill
06-06-02, 21:31
John, thank for looking it up, but we already had the part numbers. I want to know if anyone has actually fitted one or not.

Wez, EPC is the Toyota Electronic Parts Catalogue. This has all the Toyota cars in the Japanese and European region. You can use it to navigate through a car to find part numbers amongst other things.

07-06-02, 03:22
i've got a j-spec and replaced the double din unit with a single "normal" size sony mini disc player, I picked the little cubby hole thing upfrom henley toyota, the guys name is dave, it might be worth giving him a call + it fitted perfectly

27-06-02, 20:40
Just fitted a single din Alpine SatNav system and a dash pocket below. Local Toyota garage was helpful, think he said the pocket was the same as the MR2. No problem fitting, all screws lined up, even in my J Spec MKIV