View Full Version : i need to buy a TT!!! help

25-01-04, 12:25
im looking for a supra TT, i wanna spend less than around 11K.
manual would be great... obviously.

i saw some on aurotrader for 8500, but these have done 80K+ miles.
is there any reason i should stay away from high milage TT's???
what are some key milestones on servicing etc...????

anybody selling a TT????

25-01-04, 16:25
I got a manual import TT for sale, up for 11k. It has 103k on the clock. Check the for sale section for info and PM me your email addy and I will send loads of info and pics if you're interested.
Do a search for 'high mileage' (this site, top right of page) and you will get lots of info too.


25-01-04, 20:10
Don't be put off by high milage supras, 100K miles is just another figure.... it's just looks bad coz it uses three figures !!

As long as the car can be shown to have had regular servicing and generally well looked after then there's no problems with high milage cars. Obviously check for cambelt change etc.

For UK models, service history is what you should be looking at but for imports you can never be sure if they've been serviced while they were in Japan. Thats always going to be the risk when buying/selling imports. But then if you can fork out the cash to get a specialist to look and check things over, it would put your mind at ease.