View Full Version : A Sad Day :(

24-01-04, 14:41
I spoke to Far earlier this morning and I have the unfortunate news, that last night he wrote of his MKIV :(

Farham himself is OK, but the car is not in a very good way.

He was driving down the M25 at a steady speed, when he thinks he must have hit either, some oil or water and his back end went out.

He span into the central reservation, then after coming to a stop, a driver clipped him whilst he was in the 3rd lane.

Farham says he is rather shaken, but has no injuries.

So we are one MKIV less on the list, a moment of silence please....

Steve Cargill
24-01-04, 14:43
Owch, glad he is OK. Pass on our regards.

Where about on the M25 was it?

24-01-04, 14:45
Will do mate

Am going to phone him later on, will pass on regards from all of us :)

24-01-04, 14:51
damn that is bad news! hope he's ok! pass on my regards too!

24-01-04, 14:53
Dont know the guy, but sounds like it could have been alot worse, glad everyone involved is ok.

Man'ly hugs alround :hug:

24-01-04, 15:04
Really sorry to hear that - please pass on how sorry we all are

Especially as he was only travelling at a steady 70 !


24-01-04, 15:06
Ah no.. unlucky guy :( He had a nice Supra. http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2004/01/2.gif

Green Peace
24-01-04, 15:12
Oh shit.

Poor ole Far...please send him my regards.

I'm so pleased that he is Ok, a Supra can be replaced Far can't be...so glad he is ok.

Hope he gets insurance sorted out, Lets hope he gets another one coz won't be the same without him at meets.

Good Luck with getting back on the road asap!


24-01-04, 17:21
Yeah mate, hear about this- bad news


24-01-04, 17:33
OMG!! :(

Glad to hear hes ok tho.

Please send my regards.

25-01-04, 13:49
Sorry to hear the bad news, please pass on my regards.