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The Flash
23-01-04, 16:37
I fully expect to be laughed out of town for this question... but here goes anyway :-

This is my first experiance of an Auto motor, and to date I haven't bothered with a "Manual" start - have never had the need.

Been wondering though - what IS the best way for a rapid Launch in an Auto TT? Is it simply in Auto mode? Manual Mode? How many Revs should be built up (and how does that work.....hold on the brakes?)

So many questions, and if you know the answers I bet they are to dumb for words! If you could humour me though for a little bit!



23-01-04, 16:56
Although it's far from the nicest thing to do to your car, for a drag launch you'll want to be power braking.

Brakes on hard, rev it up to 2000 and let it go while flooring the accelerator - ish. Do a search on google for power braking.

If you can hit the 'sweet' power band, manual mode should be faster than automatic.. but I don't remember where my dyno said that I started to lose power, but it was fairly high (5500-6000 ish rpm), so somewhere over that I'd assume?

I don't know too much about doing drag launches and such, these are just some bits I've picked up along the way.


23-01-04, 18:09
Just to add, you do not want to be holding it on the line with your foot on the brakes and 2000 revs for any length of time. Soon as you get to 2000 revs go.

23-01-04, 19:54
Power braking is great when you get it right.

Be prepared to change you box fluid more regularly. It would be advisable to check the level and condition before you start too.

Search will get you to the correct level checking procedure, which is not important.