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21-01-04, 22:29
Anyone know where I can find a supplier for South Bend Clutches in the UK. Im after a dual friction plate, and release bearing for the DXD series, if anyone can throw any info on this, I would appreciate it.

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21-01-04, 23:12
doesnt leon still deal with em. if not talk to eddie at southbend.
have u seen the web page?

21-01-04, 23:43
If you mean www.southbendclutch.com , then yes, but it doesnt seem the best site in the world to navigate around, who is Eddie Eyefi, do you have his number ?????

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22-01-04, 08:46
eddie works a southbend, ive had dealings with him before and he was very helpful.

800-988-4345 dont forget its in indiana usa, so phone at the right time :) it needs the international code, cant remember what it is.


u can buy online, but just check that they accept uk orders. last i heard leon was the sole uk distributer.

22-01-04, 22:48