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21-01-04, 17:56
I'm afraid they've arrived with avengeance in France.

A warning to everybody who likes a blast down to Le Mans or wherever, there is no tolerance on these cameras, 91km/h in a 90 zone will get you a fine (90 I believe) and being found in posession of a radar detector may lead to your car being confiscated:eek: . I'm trying to find if devices such as Road Angel are legal, but am currently keeping mine out of use. I personally won't chance it without a letter from a French lawyer stating that the device is legal.

Oh well... off to Germany and its Autobahns.

PS (edited on afterwards) Posession of a radar detetctor recently got a driver 4 days in jail as well) I can't warn you any more than that, unless they bring back the guillotine!

21-01-04, 23:25
Does the fine 'carry over ' to england ???????
How can the radar detector be legal here and illegal in france , my passport says im european and frogland is in europe ???

Dude:flame Dev

22-01-04, 00:07
Originally posted by dude
How can the radar detector be legal here and illegal in france , ???

Dude:flame Dev

We have English Law here, they have French Law over there

22-01-04, 00:38
Good point dude, but its the only time you will find us Brits claiming were all European. But is it the case that we cant aquire points over there, just the fine, if so then a fine is always managable, its the points that sting.........

22-01-04, 01:19
The French are a law unto themselves...

Not sure if things have changed but a couple of years ago I lived in Holland and for a year drove through the same sets of speed cameras as they flashed away. Never heard a thing...

The Belgiums will also confiscate your car if you're *really* speeding, my philisophy was they'd have to catch me first. :devil:

I never did find out if they'd chase you across the border, or if the police in neighbouring countries co-operated with each other. Mate of mine got stopped doing 145mph just outside of Antwerp, he was escorted to a cash point and told to pay a fine. No big waggy finger, just a case of pay up or accompany us to the station...

22-01-04, 01:38
I think with some of the police in certain countries its a case of a cash fine without a receipt if you know what I mean, pretty corrupt.

Bit of topic but I had a friend from Zimbabwe and the stories he told me about the police corruption there was insane! They ask if you've got any beers in the vehicle and if so take them away and drink them themselves!

22-01-04, 08:44
No points, just a fine. Whether they can follow you (in the post) to UK I don't know, but if you don't pay, just expect the police in France to be a bit heavy when you come back and they catch you again.

Anyway, the critical bit is don't expect to get away with a bit over the limit (just like in the US), the limit is the limit, not the limit +10% +2 like in Blighty.

I'd hate to read of somebody appealing for help to get their car back from the French Police.

And as far as I know the Dutch are very polite and honest about it. Ever been clamped in Amsterdam? It's almost an enjoyable experience - but that's another thread :cool:

22-01-04, 18:53
Originally posted by John Packham
Ever been clamped in Amsterdam? It's almost an enjoyable experience - but that's another thread :cool:

was that at one of them sex shows :D

22-01-04, 19:21
Fine & points in Eire can't even be followed up in NI so I doubt if they will trace you back to your home from Froggy.

If you have been really naughty they will record your reg and if its pulled over again then they will get you then.