View Full Version : My new turbos!

Jez sutherland
20-01-04, 23:55
Finally got the car all sorted out and running properly again.

Leon and the guys at JPS replaced the turbos with their stage 3 hybrids, and after running in and all that - I must say I am really pleased.

The car is noticably more powerful at stock boost levels - with no extra lag! And when the boost is turned up, the kick from the second turbo is excellent.

I had heard some people say that UKs on hybrids could be nasty - well, in my experience, they are excellent!

Anyway, a big thanks to Leon and the guys. It was a real pleasure dealing with them. I can strongly recommend JPS to anyone who hasn't already tried them, and must say that Leon is a top bloke.


21-01-04, 00:21
what are you like for traction?

Jez sutherland
21-01-04, 00:53
Traction is still not too bad - never had any problems with the stock turbos, but do have a bit of a traction issue sometimes now.

Tyres are SO3s - which are excellent, and the car is a manual, so I have really good control over the power using the clutch. I still don't see the need for RLTC - perhaps I drive like a pussy?

I recon the extra power will not cause traction problems when the roads are not covered with salt and other crap - we'll see!

As a matter of interest, the tyres I use in the summer are 275s, and the extra little bit of width makes a massive difference to grip IMHO.

You having traction problems Monkeymark?


21-01-04, 04:32
not having any traction problems at the moment :) no gearbox in car. when i was last driving it i was having trouble when you put your foot down in a straight line it would step out. but have since found out my tyres were gone on the inside. bought some new rear tyres for when i get it back on road soon.