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18-01-04, 16:35
Hey guys,

Any idea on where to get brake pads for my UK spec TT? Was thinking of going to mr T's, but if anyone has any better suggestions :)

much appreciated.

18-01-04, 16:59
:conf: I'm sure we had a traders section on this forum.....:p

Also try a search, brake pads is a favourite topic, Chris Wilsons being a good start. Or as stated above, try Envy/Paul Whiffin or one of the other traders. They all got good stuff. :thumbs:


18-01-04, 17:38
I,ve just bought from toyota
56.01 plus vat
you will probably need new pins as well
89 pence each

I think this is good value as the toyota pads are good
and when at toyota allways ask for a discount usually 10%

Gaz Walker
18-01-04, 17:47
We do the Porterfield Fast Road pads for 115.50 inc VAT.

18-01-04, 18:44
Chris Wilson's IMO the best you can buy , i use the fast road compound but he also does a race/trackday compound which is messier and noisier but even more powerfull , i took the advice of another member with a big power sup who does trackdays and steered away from the porterfields , i am so immpressed with CW's i wouldnt think about anything else , i also have Steel lines and have removed the squeal shims but if you do this ask Chris for some of his blue goo !!!!

Dude:flame Dev

18-01-04, 20:21
i'd back up Dudes comments re Chris Wilson pads. I haven't changed the hoses or put in new fluid yet but the improvement is massive for J-spec brakes.
I've got the Race spec ones and they squeal alot (under light braking mainly) and as has been said create alot of dust. This is not a problem for me running 16's but would be a big issue if i had 2K's worth of split rims, as you'd need to be constantly cleaning them.
Not sure what the dust and squeal is like on the fast road spec pads?

Having said all this i never found the need for uprated pads when i had my UK car, and if i own a supra in the future with UK spec brakes i'd stick with standard pads as for me the performance is great as standard and you get none of the potentially annoying side effects mentioned above.

18-01-04, 21:25
Bit of a side line, im running standard T pads on a UK and have noticed at light use a squeal of late?...any ideas on how to cure?....Copper grease?

19-01-04, 17:22
I'm luvin the Porterfield Fast Road Gaz supplied me in my new UK brake setup :D