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17-01-04, 00:14
Ok, what does everyone think please? opinions greatly appreciated.

Can't really leave the stick on on with a full custom kit, plus it looks a bit small.

Bearing in mind it's going on a wide bodied supe, AB FLUG ish style so I'd quite like it to be a bit wider than the stock one... probably...

1. Bomex type 1


2. Rod Millen


3. Do Luck (as in latest lax power)


Or any suggestions for nice ones please?

17-01-04, 00:18
Or any suggestions for nice ones please?
I prefer the stock hoop.

Dunno it just loox the best....IMHO of course.

17-01-04, 00:32
Millen or TRD for me please

17-01-04, 01:05
Don't ab flug do spoilers?

17-01-04, 01:36
Millen style I reckon (though I like stock too)


17-01-04, 01:50
Can't the bodyshop do you a custom rear spoiler, they seem a pretty efficient outfit;) , failing that "Millen"

17-01-04, 01:58
The Bomex you have there looks better than the F&F Bomex front but still looks like a happy turtle doin a poo I think. I would go for a Top Secret front end meself.

At the end of the day it's your personal taste, you have to live with/drive round in it and you'll know what you like best. Don't listen to what anyone else says mate.... geezer...... erm....gal.


17-01-04, 02:58
Oxy, the stock one is very nice, but will look terrible on a car thats totally modified everywhere else.

I could get a custom one made (not by them!) but I really can't be arsed with the hassle anymore TBH

AB flug do do spoilers but I don't like the ones I've seen...

Thanks guys

17-01-04, 07:44
The veilside is very wide but i disagree that the stock one will look stupid , the reason the stock one looks so good is it follows the roof line excactly (look from behind when your in another supra and you can hardly see it) ;)

Dude:flame Dev

17-01-04, 07:48
no spoiler, and just a small gurney on the rear. They produce a nice lot of downforce and are not in your face ? You would probably get one custom-made pretty cheap considering the amount of work you appear to be having done and it would also be bespoke.


17-01-04, 07:49
Out of the 3 you have i prefer the Do Luck one, basically cos hardly anyone has it. Failing that id go for a wide metal one (like from F&F) IMO. :thumbs:

17-01-04, 09:23
If the car is going to be as wide as I think it is then the stock and RMM wings might look a little out of place. I think its going to need a big wing, perhaps something like the Miami Rice GT spoiler.


17-01-04, 09:53
i think the veilside would suit it as its very wide. also miami rice are going to be doing these soon i believe. ask dude. there is an abflug style one with veilside spoiler in the states and it looks excellent IMO, didnt gaz walker post some pics of it a couple of weeks ago?

17-01-04, 09:59
Rod Millen or Do Luck both the dogs...IMHO

It might be better to wait till the car is done then you will get a better perspective on what will look the business on it.:)

17-01-04, 10:22
whats the difference between trd and millen wing

17-01-04, 10:25
Thanks guys- Branners, glad you're on my wavelength here.

Dude, I hear what you're saying but the problem with the stock one is that it IS stock... it'll look half finished IMO ;)

Didn't suggest the veilside one coz as much as I love the veilside kit it will look like I just stuck one on there, like I ran out of ideas and though "ahh b******s just sticm one of those heffing great veilside ones on"

Darren, I'd love to wait until they've got further with the car but I'm planning on getting a sizeable order over from the states so wanted to do it all together...

I've actually already got the Millen one in my room here but I think it might be too understated...

17-01-04, 10:43
Originally posted by Supragal

I've actually already got the Millen one in my room here but I think it might be too understated...

you may as well GIVE it to me then if your not using it

17-01-04, 10:46

For 2ps worth i like the duck tail - keeps it all sleek.......... or if your going wide and keeping with the bold statement i like the fast & furious/JGTC stylee.

Stephen V

17-01-04, 10:46
i quite like the third one but it might look a bit 'flat'........ u seen the'top secret gt2' wing?.....its different but might b worth a look :cool:

17-01-04, 10:48
rosie - i've got the trd one but for some reason, i think the bomex one may suit your needs/looks more ? o'wise trd/millen all the way .. :)

17-01-04, 11:15
Leet- TRd/Millen difference = price as far as I'm aware :D

Supra-power- I've not seen it, got any pics?

17-01-04, 11:17
Millen :thumbs:

#1 Adam
17-01-04, 11:28
Hey Supragal...RMM 3 piece spoiler all the way. If I were going to change from the stock it would have to be the RMM. You can also get the top (main fin) in Carbon...very sexy:thumbs:

17-01-04, 12:19
yes i have pics........ but u'll have to give me a fiver:music: ......

Like i say, its worth look but dunno if iits what ur lookiing for.


Gaz Walker
17-01-04, 12:22

You dont wanna know the price of that thing either :D


17-01-04, 12:32
Originally posted by Supra-Power

Like i say, its worth look but dunno if iits what ur lookiing for.

:stupid: ....hmmmm :twak:

17-01-04, 12:33
something like this


17-01-04, 12:35
Thanks... but I'm not really into the non-body coloured ones, I think they run far to great a danger of looking like they've been randomly bolted on like a bit of lego...

Gaz- shame I don't need to find out for you huh? lol

17-01-04, 12:41
Heres the Veilside with an Ab flug kit.

17-01-04, 12:47
It does look good... I'm just worried it's a bit well known if you see what I mean.. I am tempted. How much are they?

17-01-04, 13:01
Have to say, I'm not a big fan of the veilside spoiler.. but, by the same token if you're going "all out" as it were on the rest of the car, it might fit in more.

I'd agree with Branners' suggestions. Maybe the Miami Rice GT or the 3rd picture you put up..

The Millen/TRD wing (esp. with the CF top section) looks awesome, but if it's as wide as it appears the car will be, then it's probably not going to suit.

I agree that if you leave the stock one on, it's probably going to end up looking like a giant pram.


17-01-04, 13:35
Have a look at the C-West GT Wings. They'll look good.

18-01-04, 10:10
Im with Dude, I reckon the stock will look ok, and like someone else said, if you change it straight away, you would never know what the stock one would have looked like in comparisson.

18-01-04, 11:37
TRD/Millen gets my vote. More aggresive than stock. Only because you don't like the race car type ones though.

Stock one is great, but does look a bit..................stock :baa: