View Full Version : Possbile Hubs - BHP Dyno guide?

16-01-04, 11:40
Just looking in the new Jap Performance Car mag... and a guy with his skyline dyno'd 358 at the Hubs that Abbey reckon is approx 434bhp.. so maybe we could use that as a benchmark to judge ours??

Or would the Skyline Atessa/4WD thingy make these figures crap for Supra owners to compare their results with? :conf:

16-01-04, 14:54
That works out at 18% which is exactly the same figure i got off the dyno today at G-Force.

it was read at the wheels not the hubs though

16-01-04, 20:51
How did you get on m8?

16-01-04, 23:04
OK i guess, temporary boost problem means i can only run 0.8bar at the moment. Car managed 378bhp at fly and 310 at the wheels (18%). Torque was 360lbs, air/fuel was spot on.

Looking forward to running at 1.4 again, Chris at G-force seemed to think 20bhp for each 0.1bar extra. A bit optomistic maybe, but when sorted should be back to 450ish. :)