View Full Version : Advan RG Alloys, Where from?

15-01-04, 09:51
does anyone know if there are any uk suppliers of advan alloys?

im after a set of 18 inch rg's but so far the states is the best place to source them from. alternatively, does anyone know of a decent place in the states to order them from.

cheers guys.

15-01-04, 14:47
I would speak with Gaz, Kevin or Ibrar, sure one of them could help you out mate....:cool:

15-01-04, 14:51
cheers ash.

if any of you guys (Gaz, Kevin or Ibrar) can let me know that would be great.

15-01-04, 16:34
Gaz would be your best bet, but he's still away at the mo, Kevin works with him so presume hes away as well, that just leaves Ibrar, or try PaulE, he might have some del boy contacts.....

15-01-04, 16:48
sweet mate.

im not desperate for these yet but am looking at getting some prices before i decide which ones to go for.

at the moment it's between the advan rg's in bronze and volk 57pro gram lights in gold...... bling bling :devil: