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Ibrar Jabbar
14-01-04, 18:56
Just to let everbody know that Pro Alloys website has now been revamped and relaunched with a new host.


If anybody's looking for some good deals on wheels, tyres and suspension(doesn't have to be a Supra) :flame Dev. Please get in touch or fill out the enquiry form and I will do my best to offer the best prices.

Wheel sizes and prices still need to be added and will be done by the weekend.
If anybody has spotted any mistakes please let me know(not the obvious ones), cheers.

14-01-04, 21:13
Looks good to me Ibrar!


15-01-04, 00:17
thats 100% better m8
looks class

hey that white datsun looks pretty good:)
will be in touch soon regarding the compomotive wheels for my quattro


15-01-04, 00:34
Clicking on 'chroming' does nothing... so either it's broken or my anti pop-up software is blocking it, if it appears in a seperate window... something to consider(If thats not one of the obvious mistakes you mentioned...)

Ibrar Jabbar
15-01-04, 08:27

Yeh that Datsun is one of the nicer one's, so it had to go in the gallery :D amongst some of the nicer cars :flame Dev


The chroming section will be updated soon, once I get my samples back:thumbs: