View Full Version : Non-car related - Alphabet Pub Crawl

13-08-08, 16:20
Hi guys,

I'm organising a pub crawl round Cardiff on Sat and want to know if any of you are interested!

It's gonna be an all-day thing where we need to (try) do 26 pubs, in alphabetical order around Cardiff. I've planned it all out and if we start at 11 or 12, we should finish by 11pm (assuming swift halfs or shots in each pub)!

Contact me if you would like to come along. The more the merrier of course!

Looking forward to hearing from you ;)


13-08-08, 16:23
I bet you don't make it to K but I wish you all the best! It's a good idea which is always fun :)

13-08-08, 16:24
We did the Monopoly Pub Crawl round London two years ago too. Didn't manage all 26 pubs but managed 20! :p Ran out of time t be honest! SOOOO much travelling involved, but great fun!

13-08-08, 17:45
Im trying to stay off the drink for a few weeks But if you go into the Gate keeper, Look up because I did all the fancy ceilings there ;)

Have Fun.

13-08-08, 18:31
Our current "G" is the Goat Major but we could change that I suppose!
Currently stuck on a "U" as I just realised that the Union on Park Place is closed this time of year. Only one I can find is the Unicorn in St. Mellons which is a tad too far out of the way! We may have to do a pub on a St beginning with the letter "U" instead.

15-08-08, 08:46
U! bloody hell id be in bed by then.