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13-01-04, 18:37
My 94 Jspec TT does not have traction control but has Slip control, is this normal not to have traction control as most of the supras I test drove had it?

13-01-04, 18:38
As far as I'm aware.. Slip control is Traction Control. ;)


Steve W2
13-01-04, 19:05
Matt - Slip control is the traction control and it's crap! You will find that when you give it some juice and lose traction the TC will cu the power as it sets the car to an effective 'ice mode'. This is shit and the last thing you want when 'avin it' with someone at the lights.

If you are planning on a quick start start just turn it off. If you really want to have the comfort of proper traction control then get RLTC.:)

Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the board too mate. Hope you enjoy;)

13-01-04, 19:12
Nice one, just me being a muppet then :innocent:

was planning rltc eventually.....it's on the list!

13-01-04, 20:42
Put it No 1 on your list! ;) You can carry soooo much more speed it counts as a performance mod too!

peter richards
13-01-04, 21:13
the thread supra crashes springs to mind . this rltc just seems to give you guys a false sense of security.
ps waiting for a slagging .lol :p :eek:

13-01-04, 23:31



14-01-04, 00:09
Originally posted by HISUPE





peter richards
14-01-04, 20:27
ben m8 couldnt have put it better myself .:thumbs: :)

15-01-04, 11:16
;) :p

15-01-04, 11:54
you lot with RLTC are poofs, I always turn my TRC OFF, I can control it when it arses out, infact its quite fun!

Take your car on the track, give it some and see how to control that wild rear end, you'll love it.

15-01-04, 12:12
Couldn't agree with you more '400BHP' :p

Everyone seems to be scared of driving RWD cars for fear of loosing the back end, if you have a bit play around with your car in an empty area you can see how controllable the Supra is. After all it was designed for RWD so its not going to bite you.

Lots of people seem to be persuaded to go straight out and buy RLTC but if most people got used to the limits then they could save themselves a big bunch of cash.

I also drive without my TC fuse and I feel a lot safer knowing that I know where the traction limits are in various weather conditions without having to second guess if a computer is taking care of everything.

15-01-04, 12:17
I take it your opinions based on having extensively driven a Supra with RLTC? :innocent:

15-01-04, 13:14
Don't need all that guff, if it steps out, resist the temptation to brake, steer opposite direction, ease off throttle, it snaps back in easy as pie....

15-01-04, 14:07
Originally posted by outatime
I take it your opinions based on having extensively driven a Supra with RLTC? :innocent:

15-01-04, 14:10
a friend of mine said the same actually, he found any TC to be unsafe
I have never been in a supra with RLTC and would like to see the difference it makes

On the other hand I think i need to learn how to drive it properly without first

16-01-04, 09:36
Easier said than done....