View Full Version : Greddy New Exhaust - Opinions

Paul Laing
14-12-03, 18:00
What do you all think of this gorgeous new exhaust from Greddy? I have to say it looks amazing!!!

You like?

Gaz Walker
14-12-03, 18:20
Its nice but I personally dont think its as good as the Veilside. The piping isnt as straight, for one.


Paul Laing
14-12-03, 18:38
Thats what i like to hear :D

14-12-03, 18:58
And how much is that little beauty???

14-12-03, 21:48
Looks real nice,

couldn't find any info on it though, doesn't even appear on the greddy site???

14-12-03, 22:41
That tip is beautiful.

Paul Laing
14-12-03, 22:52
Go on Titanmotorsports website, about $850 so about 500

14-12-03, 23:04
Well it looks the part but what does it sound like?? only time will tell! :)