View Full Version : Breaking traction: really this easy?!

13-12-03, 21:27
I know my rears are worn, but I wasn't expecting this to happen. No need to worry mind, no heart in mouth moments, Soop is still a-ok. First time, I put my foot down in 3rd, not wot, maybe 50%, and just before 2nd turbo, a slight shimmy from the rear and the trac light flashes a few times. This was in a straight line, though it was pretty soggy out. Second time, turning onto a main road from a junction, very very gentle acceleration in 1st, a little judder from the back, and trac light flashing again. I was a little surprised both times, but like I say, nothing happened, I just expected more traction than this! Roll on Eagle F1s!


13-12-03, 21:31
I had the same before I changed my tyres, even though they were still legal. Even when it was dry sometimes, You could tell they were comming to the end of their life. new rubber is the best thing, well after a couple of weeks. Aparently even rubber needs bedding in:blink:

13-12-03, 21:34
Sounds pretty normal to me Seb with stock TC. I have had a few experiences while driving along the M25 where I put my foot down, like you did, and the back begins to shimmy. That was in a straight line also with a slightly damp road.

Good fun tho isn't it :D


13-12-03, 21:40
That's cool then. My Saxo never used to that y'see, but with 50bhp, it could barely rotate the front wheels anyway :) Gotta wait till early Jan for my new rims to arrive, which will immediately be shod with some F1s. Rob it is fun, as long as you are used to it. If you want the ultimate heart in mouth straight-line wheelspin moment, watch High Octane 2, and marvel as a 750bhp GT2 attempts a top speed run on an absolutely soaking runway. 3 spins at 280kph before almost mowing down a camera man? Oh yes...


14-12-03, 10:46
I cant see the fun in bricking yourself (as I did to prior to getting RLTC fitted)

The rears on the soop can be lethal - it's sooooo much more fun with racelogic - even if i do drive like a woosie!:thumbs:

14-12-03, 10:56
The MKIV does not like old tyres once the rubber has gone off, forget it, it will wiggle all over the place on cold or damp roads.