View Full Version : Anyone Going To Prague For Newyear ?

michel lane
12-12-03, 16:27
Anyone going to prague for new year, if so , get intouch we can meet up for a drink and pull some chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michel lane
12-12-03, 16:28
ooopps forgot iam married .... ok , just some drinks then ;)

12-12-03, 18:52
Nope - but I went back in September and it was superb - loved the place :D

Have a great time!

michel lane
12-12-03, 19:17
Planning a trip on the first bank holiday of next year anyone intrested 70 return !!!!!!

13-12-03, 00:09
Is that May? I could be interested....... I'm sure a few more would be too!

13-12-03, 01:17
May Day is May 3rd next year
I'd be interested

13-12-03, 02:11
I'd be interested too. I have been several times and loved it there.