View Full Version : Racing Hart CR (PIC)!!

12-12-03, 14:49
Well, enough PMs asking for a shot of the new wheels. This is the best I can do. The crap weather on the meet last weekend made most of the pics come out bad and it got dark soon after we made it.

They look a hell of a lot better when clean and out of the rain, but here goes!

12-12-03, 14:52
Kewl :)

Steve W2
12-12-03, 15:04

Best looking car at the meet mate, the wheels really make it look good.

12-12-03, 15:10
Nice :D

12-12-03, 15:20
Wow, Nice car! :cool:

Green Peace
12-12-03, 15:43
Well done Jase, they suit my car better though lol.

Na ya Car looks 'EVIL' the CR's look well good gotta get some pics of mine yet.


12-12-03, 15:53
Green, just remember.. mine were first!! :D

:flame Dev

12-12-03, 15:58
Originally posted by Steve W2

Best looking car at the meet mate, the wheels really make it look good.

I love SGs car...very 'clean' looking...but I still think Nicks wins for nicest at the meet :D

Green Peace
12-12-03, 16:05
Originally posted by Supraguy
Green, just remember.. mine were first!! :D

:flame Dev

OK ok Jase, you got taste. have you got a pic from the side coz they look better from the side...I'm going to see if Kev or Ash can take a pic when I hook up with them so I can post mine up.

your car is PHAT.

(typical yank...always gotta be first)
:D :D

12-12-03, 16:17
Very nice mate - love em :)

12-12-03, 16:20
Told ya the rest of the pics came out like arse. I will be sure to post cleaned and polished pics once I get around to it.

Here's my side view crapola pic:

12-12-03, 16:24
and they still look good even in the dark :D

12-12-03, 16:24
Very nice mate!! :thumbs: :thumbs:

12-12-03, 18:15
Looks very nice! :)

13-12-03, 09:10
looks the boll**ks, what sort of money are we talking for a set of these?
GREEN.... did you sell your old wheels in the end or are they up for sale?
cheers ...lee

Gaz Walker
13-12-03, 09:15
Car looks the daddies Jason.

All the prices on our site Lee.