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Matt B
12-12-03, 13:57
Just though some of you may be interested in this.

New TVR (http://www.pistonheads.com/tvr/index.asp?storyId=7756)


12-12-03, 14:04
Looks like the batmobile!

12-12-03, 14:14
WTF happened to the rear......?

Looks very odd!

12-12-03, 14:20
Where's the tow hook?! :blink:


12-12-03, 14:25
Hmmmmm, it looks like a Marcos thats been attacked by Max Power...

Too much of everything.

12-12-03, 14:30
Originally posted by outatime
Hmmmmm, it looks like a Marcos thats been attacked by Max Power...

Looks more like a Marcos that's been attacked by Godzilla, judging by the state of the bonnet!


12-12-03, 15:15
Its a T350C thats been driven through Halfords :(

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too fussy :(

Worst looking TVR I've seen in ages :(

12-12-03, 15:32
I love the front end, the back end just looks wrong though, far too many conflicting shapes.

12-12-03, 15:56
Gotta say the front of that looks amazing!

12-12-03, 15:59
Originally posted by Supragal
Gotta say the front of that looks amazing!

I can feel a dremel moment coming on :D

12-12-03, 16:19
The front is amazing yet the back is hideous!!! :conf:
It spoils the sleek lines of the car.

12-12-03, 16:22
The arse on that is sh$t but, could you see it with a flamer kit in each zorst with the side exits ?

And that plastic stick on spoiler at the back :sly:

BUT - I love the front :flame Dev

Matt B
12-12-03, 16:59
A friend of mine co-owns and runs Racing Green TVR. He reckons it's going to be a monster. It's only around a 1000kg and 400BHP. The Tuscan was 1100kg and 360bhp and it went soooo fast!!!! :D

Will go like shit of a shovel. Also notice how low the car sits on it's springs. Far lower than the Tuscan and Tamora. This really is a serious toy. Still no TC or ABS. Quality!!!

Apparently the back is the way it is for aerodynamics at high speed.

I love the front though. I reckon it will look a lot better in real life.

michel lane
12-12-03, 17:39
looks good i think but at the end of the day its a TVR, so expect it to be in the garage most of the time. Wonder if things still drop off the cars as you drive them ........

I hope they got good AA cover:p

Paul Laing
12-12-03, 17:59
Nice, and i'd have one any day......but it looks a bit naff and too fussy compared to the Tuscan!! Still have one though :thumbs:

12-12-03, 18:02
I don't remember the model, but the rear looks like an early 80's porsche with crap stuck on ..

Front looks pretty evil though.. a menacing S2000 anyone?

Still, I bet it's gonna FLY..


12-12-03, 19:58
Yer !!! I like the cars Matt, but you have got to tell your mate to get TVR to learn how to glue them together properly.

As long as TVR's are built the way they are. They will never sell in bigger numbers.

Its a shame , because if they got it right Astons would go belly up overnight.

Ford is almost broke anyhow!!!??
:D :D :D

12-12-03, 20:19
For 50K, I'd want a free pickup truck too and a drag net for the bits

No doubt we will see one at the Camershire meeting place soon.

With that power to weight keeping it on road will be fun:eek: