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10-12-03, 23:39
Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone could help me out with the following list of parts. I'd like to know anyone's ideas on availability and pricing from new and how to go about getting hold of them (ie only through Toyota???). Some of the smaller stuff (s.motor, alternator etc is available thru dealer so any part no.'s would be great).

-Complete 2JZGTE engine (non vvti)
(excluding: Exh manifold and turbochargers)

-V160/161 6 Speed gearbox

-Flywheel and clutch assembly

-Intake runners and plenum chamber

-Throttle assembly

-Differential housing and LSD

-Starter motor



-Fuel rail and injectors (550cc minimum, Toyota or otherwise)


There are a few more items in this list but I don't want to put too many or people simply won't reply.

Anyone know if complete engine assemblies can be sourced direct from Japan with/without turbos, manifold and ancillaries?

Any input greatly appreciated.



Gaz Walker
10-12-03, 23:43
Best bet is from USA where the bits are cheaper... you looking at the cost of a supra for those parts below!


Steve Cargill
11-12-03, 07:57
A full crated engine (oiled up and ready to go) has a list price of about 9k and a short engine (block, crank, rods and pistons assembled, UK and J spec are the same) is I think about 2.5K. This is list price so you may be able to negotiate.

The alternator (at least two different ones) is about 400 ISTR.

All from Toyota.

11-12-03, 08:09
I expect Chris Wilson will have/be able to source some if not all the parts. He was talking about keeping a built motor in stock a little while ago...