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10-12-03, 13:45
Been down to Toyota to order up the UK Spec brakes.

I went in with the list of:

UK Left Front Calliper 47750-14270 195.19 excluding VAT
UK Right Front Calliper 47730-14260 195.19 excluding VAT
UK Shim kit front 04945-14110 12.43 excluding VAT
UK Fitting kit front 04947-14010 12.25 excluding VAT
UK Left Front Disk 43516-14030 74.03 excluding VAT
UK Right Front Disk 43512-14200 77.07 excluding VAT

But they have said the disk part numbers are wrong, it should be one or the other as the disks are the same on both sides.

They said to call back with a chassis no. if UK or model type and chassis no if JSpec (but if JSpec they could only supply whats meant for the car). Obviously this is a UK brake upgrade so I need to quote a UK chassis no. to phone them back with so they can get me the right parts.

I'd be very grateful if the owner of one of those wonderful ;) (crawl crawl) UK cars could PM me their chassis no. :D


10-12-03, 14:06
Neil, my Euro EPC verison shows the exact part numbers for the RH and LH discs.

10-12-03, 14:15
What do you mean mate - that those part no's are right, and there is a seperate no. for each side?

As they were adamant about it down at Octogon it was wrong, it would be the same part no. x2. (BTW it was both Steve and the small Irish guy I was talking too ;))

I guess I can't really go far wrong if I quote a chassis no. for a UK and ask for front left and right.........

10-12-03, 14:26
Originally posted by HISUPE
What do you mean mate - that those part no's are right, and there is a seperate no. for each side?

That's what the EPC says!

You might want to drive down and look at their EPC ?

10-12-03, 14:27

So if I said to them I got both those part numbers off the EPC they'd accept it? (edited above to say its Steve and small Irish chap I was talking to) Still think they'll want a chassis no. too :(

Steve W2
10-12-03, 14:48
Get some AP's:D

10-12-03, 14:55
:p ;)

Alternatively they can shove it disk wise and I'll just phone up Fensport! Although I think I'd rather just give em a chassis no and get the lot from em, leaving them to sort out whats required - got some comeback then.

Onelife Nofear
10-12-03, 15:00
You could always try http://www.car-parts-finder.co.uk/ enter what you want and most the time they come back with a excellent price!!
I have had huge success with them.

10-12-03, 15:00
You definitely have the correct part numbers (checked from when I ordered mine) - the front disks are stamped "L" and "R" so you get them the right way round as the internal veins are curved and need to be pointing the right way.



10-12-03, 15:11

Superb - thanks - thats good enough for me :D

I phoned them back, and told them that others had ordered these parts and they were correct and stamped differently R and L:


So he has ordered them on the proviso if they are wrong I can't return them.

Cheers for the help :)

Should be here by friday!! :eek:

10-12-03, 17:20
The brakes are handed to actively help air pass through them, just like a fan...

Steve W
10-12-03, 18:03
The EASIEST way is to actually give them a chassis number from
a UK spec Soop........ they HAVE to give the right parts then ! ! !

(have to 'borrow' someones UK chassis no. obviously :innocent: )

Steve W
10-12-03, 18:07
'spiral'-ing of rotor ventilation........

Steve W
10-12-03, 18:09
...so, as they turn 'forwards' they 'each' do a 'proper' job of ventilating ! !

NOT like all the cheaper (COMMON!) ventilated discs which are just
RADIALLY ventillated (ie. 'straight' vanes from the centre.... POOH!)

10-12-03, 18:36
Cheers chaps - cool :) So they don't really know what they were on about!!! LOL!!

Steve, it would have been easier with a chassis no I guess, but they still seemed to think they were the same part :rolleyes:

10-12-03, 23:28
Part numbers are:

UK Spec Supra brake part nos.

Left Rear Disk 42431-14150
Right Rear Disk 42431-14150

Left Front Disk 43516-14030
Right Front Disk 43512-14200

Left Rear Caliper 47750-14280
Right Rear Caliper 47730-14270

Left Front Caliper 47750-14270
Right Front caliper 47730-14260

Shim kit rear 04946-14030
Shim kit front 04945-14110
Fitting kit rear 04948-14010
Fitting kit front 04947-14010

Left & Right discs are different and labelled L & R and bizarely are slightly different prices.

Try another Toyota dealer - Motorline in Canterbury will get you any parts that are available.

PS (edit)
I have done this mod (front only) and bought these parts quoting these part numbers.

10-12-03, 23:53
Brilliant - cheers John, as I suspected, I was right and they were wrong as thats exactly the part numbers I had.

Anyway, they were cool in the end and just ordered the parts I requested regardless, and being as they are 2 mins walk from work its quite handy!!!!


11-12-03, 09:48
By the way Neil, if you have a weight-lifting belt, take it with you when you go to collect the parts - mine all came in one large box - were shipped from oop north - and they weigh a ton, esp the calipers.


11-12-03, 10:17
LMAO :eek: :D

Well I've just had a call to say all the bits are in :eek: Talk about fast!!!! :) I'll make sure I park real close ;)

Cheers all :)

11-12-03, 14:10
Flipping eck you weren't joking :eek:

The disks are HUUUUUUUGE and the callipers too - weigh a tonne!

One of the parts chaps helped me though so it was ok!


Steve W
11-12-03, 15:57
......and Geeza thought I was JOKIN' about addin' UK lard ! ! ! :p

11-12-03, 18:44
You're not wrong steve - they must weigh loads more than the Jspecs!!! Still, it will be nice to be able to stop my car at last!