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10-12-03, 11:41
Ordering up my Uks, gonna paint em up before they go on, so, my cars silver - what colour for the callipers - please state if you say other!?

And can I get the supra stickers seperately?

10-12-03, 11:43
Have you got other colour bits on the car? Or planning to?

10-12-03, 11:47
What's wrong with the stock look ? They have the Supra colour decal already on them....and being new will look great IMO

10-12-03, 11:58
SG - erm nope, I guess they'll be the only thing coloured so will only be in contrast to the silver of the car.

Pete - Yeah, I haven't seen what they look like new yet so I may leave them, only gotta pop to Halfrauds to get the boy racer paint if I decide to do them! ;)

10-12-03, 12:00
Anthracite for me please

10-12-03, 12:02
Originally posted by mcanny
Anthracite for me please

Theres always one who's awkward ;) :p


Paul Laing
10-12-03, 12:03
Believe me mate red is the best for a silver Supra, don't go for blue!!! Ask Ashley Willis who has my NA Sup that has the red calipers.....very noticable :thumbs:

10-12-03, 12:34
I guess I could always knock up a silver Supe in Need for Speed Underground and try the diff colours on the callipers!!!! ;)

My initial thoughts were red - had that on my scoob, seen blue on a mates blue yaris T Sport - not sure if they'd work on a silver supe........

10-12-03, 12:56
i have blue look (http://community.webshots.com/photo/83419673/94236590ugfRzl)

Steve W2
10-12-03, 13:08
I have got the red paint on my silver car all ready to go. Problem is I've lost my fcukin locking wheel nut thingy:eek:

Can't get my wheels off at all now! I have just got a slow puncture as well that I keep pumping up every other day.


10-12-03, 13:09
Neil if you do paint them and want a set of the decals pronto, i have some, just PM me.

10-12-03, 13:18
LOL @ Steve :D

Neil if you do paint them and want a set of the decals pronto, i have some, just PM me.

Thanks mate - will do :)

10-12-03, 14:10
Only pic I could find of a stock caliper in good condition.

Note: The Surpra word is in white/silver ?? and has a red line under it.

10-12-03, 14:12
Hmmmm - might have to go red ;)

11-12-03, 14:39
This what they look like when brand new.

11-12-03, 14:45
How long do they last looking like that John?

11-12-03, 15:06
15000 miles and carbon pads and they still clean up OK

11-12-03, 17:56
Did mine in red and they looked just great m8. not to much either. these paints do fade however, I know that you can get them refirbed for 100 or so and finished in gold or silver which stands the test of time far better.

says he with the floating beamer disks and calipers!;)

11-12-03, 18:00
Old coyote's back, hows things Mid

11-12-03, 18:01
Oh and black on the calipers BTW, 40% cant be wrong.

11-12-03, 18:09
so true and yes i am glad to back - work was all...

will post more tomorrow and maybe later tonight. nice bits on your Sup there m8'i... lol;)

11-12-03, 18:39
Cheers for the answers guys :D