View Full Version : Stone in Sideskirt !!

10-12-03, 10:21
Hi Guys,

Got a funny "rattling/clunk/rolling" kind of noise from the lower right rear to mid section, by/below door.

All can put it down to is a stone in the sideskirt somewhere. It rolls around on heavy acceleration, braking and cornering. ANyone ever had this before?

ps I have a stone drive and they get caught everywhere, including the tyres.


10-12-03, 11:19
ps I have a stone drive and they get caught everywhere, including the tyres.

sounds like its time to change your driveway m8!

Paul Laing
10-12-03, 11:25
Your sideskirts shouldn't be sealed at the back under the car.....

10-12-03, 12:15
Drive - looks nice, pain for driving on!

When you say they shouldn't be sealed, what do you mean exactly paul? I had a quick nose the other night with a torch and all i found was a couple of drain holes (or so i thought). Should there be a large opening somewhere then?


11-12-03, 09:35
I have the gravel mod as well mate, very annoying...... :innocent:

Paul Laing
11-12-03, 12:49
When you but sideskirts they are never fully sealed, there hollow with no back on them, can't you put your hand behind them and reach for the stone that way? Supras might be different, i'm going on what my Dimma Saxo skirts were like. Supra skirts might be a flush fit.


11-12-03, 19:45
Ash, I've decided it's more like a rock than a piece of gravel. Very annoying. Gonna have to get under and have a look at the weekend.

Paul, AFAIK the skirts are sealed all round with only some smallish holes near the back, nevermind.

Dan BPU + Rock Mod !