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09-12-03, 23:23
Was a supra , mate says now a skyline , i reckon its a Radical type thing , any links so i can humiliate the skyline owner ??

Dude:flame Dev

10-12-03, 00:26
Hey dude,

I read that the Blitz Supra did it in 7min 49secs and yesterday read that the Radical (1500cc Hyabusa, something like 237bhp) did it in 7min 19secs.

As far as I know that's the quickest to date, but don't quote me. Will look for a "useable" link in the meantime.


Editted: from http://www.philbennett.com/news/default.asp?id=56

23/09/2003 - Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record destroyed!

Phil Bennett destroys the production car lap record of the Nordschleife with a time of 7mins 19sec.

Radical Motorsport produced a special turbo version of the 1500cc SR3 which enabled Bennett to take a massive 14 seconds off the previous record held by a 650bhp Porsche GT2.

10-12-03, 00:31
"7min 59sec, set by a Nissan Skyline GTR in 1995.

But given that the Skyline set the time during its development stage and was free of the speed limiter that prevents UK versions from doing more than 156mph, we can no longer count it as the true production car record holder. Especially as it's far from clear how much turbo boost the GTR was running during the lap, or how much tweaking the rear-wheel steer system had undergone."

With limiter: Nissan $kyline GTR: 8min 28.1 sec

10-12-03, 00:35
A few detail sof the old record holder (600bhp 911 GT2) can be found at: