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09-12-03, 11:47
Well my bro has just told me. If i come up with a template for parts he will be able to make me stuff out of alloy from work using laser machines (he makes aircraft parts)

So in my lonely nights in, Ive started to slowly create these sketchs.

So far doing a Gear nob wit supra etched into it wit 1 - 5 + R in it sao i remember where gears are and a Hand Brake handle. Anyone else think of other parts i can do, as i might as well abuse this. As over Xmas his company production slows and may have some spare time to actually do during work and a bit after work.

His mate came round with his astra to show me hand brake handle and gear knob he had made and was of good quality in a Brushed alloy style i think.

Just need ideas of other parts that would look good


Paul Laing
09-12-03, 11:50
Brushed Alloy dash Kits???

09-12-03, 11:56
Originally posted by Paul Laing
Brushed Alloy dash Kits???

I was thinking bout this but i would have to get all measurements of everything and would need to be perfect.:eek: I could do with the schemetric design from toyota then i d be sorted, just put the file on PC and watch it go :)

My bro say it possible but he reckons coz of the Curve of the Dash, need quite a big block of alloy. Bout 150 quids worth maybe, but he said any big bits of scrap he will keep and bring home.

It would look the dog's and be one off

09-12-03, 12:34
Ally instruments with the numbers cut out to let the light through?

09-12-03, 12:36
Originally posted by Chase
Ally instruments with the numbers cut out to let the light through?

Like it that on Maybe list and easily possibleas long as im accurate with my measuring:innocent:

Paul Laing
09-12-03, 13:53
I wouldn't mind some alloy door handles for the interior, could these be made?


09-12-03, 14:16
Possibilty they have been added to my list, they should be quite easy. Its drawing them on PC that gonna be hard for me. I got to find out What CAD program use at my bro's work first then start on my projects, my gear knob will look the Dog's i hope, im hopeing to keep current shape wit supra (in supra style writing) written on it.

10-12-03, 18:54
Ok project started and Gear knob looking a bit like original wit supra etched into the top. I need to know the thread size though of the gear knob....... anyone any ideas???

27-05-05, 22:36
old thread but :bump: :D