View Full Version : 980 RWHP Supe T 50mb vid link - song?

09-12-03, 08:38
Owner: Mike Carlin
Car: 1998 QuickSilver Toyota Supra Turbo
Power: 980 RWHP / 746 RWTQ without Nitrous
Tuner: Sound Performance in Chicago

Our latest featured ride is the most powerful stock block Supra in the world! Mike Carlin has done a fantastic job with his MKIV Supra, which dynoes a monstrous 980 RWHP without Nitrous!

Looks good, but does anyone know what the song they are playing??


Stephen V

09-12-03, 14:58
Now, you're testing my memory.

I don't recall the name of the song, however I do recall being very bored one night and reading all the comments under the "Car of the week" page and somebody asked the same question.

IF I recall properly, the answer was it was a Canadian DJ who gave him a copy of a demo CD, and the song has never been officially released.


Paul Laing
09-12-03, 15:42
How do you download it? it asks for you to login......:conf:

09-12-03, 15:44
Originally posted by Paul Laing
How do you download it? it asks for you to login......:conf:

There's 2 types of account:

Free, sign up and download as much as you want which is speed limited to like 5kb/s

Pay, un-speed limited download server so you can pull a couple of hundred kb/s

Just make a freebie account and leave it downloading.

Though, that said, on a good night I can still pull 100kb/s off the site at home (don't think it's always limited, just during peak US times).

Edit: By the way, there's nothing stopping you downloading multiple files at the same time, each at 5+ kb/s so you can still get "full speed" on average :)