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08-12-03, 20:32
I've got several gadgets now in my dash, including the RLTC controls that I took out the box and integrated into the dash, and a couple of switches. Only thing is there is no lettering to say what is what, or lines to show what setting the RLTC is on etc. Anyone know of a way of doing this? It would need transfers or something I suppose. Has anyone else with their RLTC controls in the dash bothered with anything like that? Just thougt it would be a nice finishing touch...

08-12-03, 20:35
I'm looking at a simular thing for my fog light switch, been to a local banner/sticker shop, they sugested a place in Boscombe, i'll let you know what they do.

If you just want plane white letters, people like RS used to sell white transfer lettering for pcb manufacture.

08-12-03, 21:52
Nice one Tim, glad it's not just me that's anal about these things! :)

Matt B
09-12-03, 15:00
I've got my RLTC displayed over my switch stuck to the dash. Will post some pics and you can see what I mean.