View Full Version : alloy prob (not supra)

08-12-03, 18:42
right i had a puncture on my golf, took the wheel to a repair place but cudnt pick it up for a while coz i couldnt get there within their opening hours. when i went to pick it up finally, i was told it had been stolen. the place agreed to replace the alloy free of charge and still only charge me for the tyre. went to pick it up today and found out that theyd ordered the new wheel.....but the designs been changes so they no longer match and the fis diff too! anyone know what the policy might be on this then? theyre tryin to trace another wheel but i had a look on the site where i got them from and the wheel i bought is no longer there, but another diff designs took its name......:flame Dev

08-12-03, 18:47
Stolen.. !! Gawd..

I'd say that depending on the type of place it is, they should be paying out for a new set of alloys. They can't seriously expect you to drive around with a different wheel on the car..!

If they can get hold of the same wheel fair enough, but at the end of the day, it was their cock up that led to your wheel being nicked.


08-12-03, 18:51
yeah i know they had to wait a couple of weeks til i cud pick it up but still! theyre tryin to trace the wheel, it was the Smart 5 alloy from smart-car.co.uk, i checked the site and the designs been changed. im gonna argue with them like crazy if they dont do anythin!