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Matt B
08-12-03, 15:20
A question to all you who have had this done and know what they are talking about. I currently have 18" Kahn RSR's on my Soop, I want to upgrade the brakes and have around 1500 as a budget. Does anyone know what brakes will actually fit under my rims? :confused:

I've heard that even the UK specs are a tight fit on RSR's. My choices are between - Stop-Tech - AP's - Brembo's - UK's - Kad's.
I want aluminium bells if possible and Red calipers.

Cheers All.

Matt B

08-12-03, 15:25
Originally posted by Matt B

I want aluminium bells if possible

Whateverfloats yer boat dude - wont that be a bit heavy ? :p

08-12-03, 15:31
Just FYI, i know that the RSR's changed slightly at some point.
The spokes/blades were made thicker such that a small (2mm ish) spacer was needed to clear uk brakes.

I learnt this from a member on the board who had to get a replacement front RSR for his UK spec car and found that it wouldn't fit.

Matt B
08-12-03, 15:41
Oh, Not sure how old my one's are... I need to get out there and measure the space I guess.

How's it going Far? Got you kit fitted yet?

08-12-03, 17:01
Do what I did mate, find a friendly person with a UK Spec (SMW in my case) and try one of your wheels on their car - if its fits job done you can go UK's, and paint them up before they go on, if not you'll have to investigate further!

08-12-03, 17:37
Matt you can try on mine if you want. My RS-S fit ok so you never know.

08-12-03, 18:36
There ya go see - BR to the rescue :D

Assuming you wanna go the UK route that is - but if you do it will leave with with plenty of change for more bits ;)

Matt B
09-12-03, 15:02
Cheers guys.
BR will be in touch. To be honest I'm looking to do this in the new year but thought I should check out my options first.:)

Can you do something to stop the center of the discs rusting on UK spec's?

09-12-03, 19:34
Paint them when you paint the callipers!!! :D