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08-12-03, 12:38
When you fit an aftermarket front bumper what happens to the active spoiler, should it be removed, will it still function ok?

sorry if this is a stupid question, just thinking outloud :)

08-12-03, 12:42
9 out of ten times it needs to be removed and will not function - taking it off is a piece of cake - after you take off the bumper you will have 4 bolts which you need to take off and unplug the motor - the active spoiler is attached to the front undertray ( not the main undertray but the smaller "nose" undertray)

08-12-03, 13:07
Yup, unbolts from the chassis rail- apparently you need to unplug the ECU (as in the active spoiler ECU) which is behind the stereo... not got that far yet...else you'll get warning lights.

Theres a fair few threads on here about it- have a search. :)

08-12-03, 13:10
the only warning lights I get is the active spoiler little green light,not sure what would be quicker removing the ecu or just reming the bulb behind the bottom of the dash

Matt Harwood
08-12-03, 13:42
An easier soloution, would be to connect the yellow and the purple/yellow wire together when you disconnect the motor, then simply turn the spoiler off :)

08-12-03, 13:54
Dam Harwood ! :p I had mine off on the weekend - why didnt you tell me then ? :D

BTW - still need to catch up with you to discuss Ice install I want you to do for me