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05-12-03, 19:38
Just watched the Teaser DVD off the redline magazine. And looks great for a teaser it very long. I swear it said heres matt harwood in his supra, but me car was red :blink:

Me got confused! :twak: was the car red before??

Some nice fast cars on there gonna have to buy full version i think!

05-12-03, 19:44
it was red

Screaming Bannana , new project (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12453&highlight=yellow)

first pic on link

Matt Harwood
05-12-03, 23:46
Yep, that was me getting my butt kicked.

In fact, if you get the video, I get my butt kicked twice! :innocent:

06-12-03, 02:58
You know its becuase your nice and would rather let them have the glory............................just keep telling yourself that :p :D

Matt Harwood
06-12-03, 09:11
That's a good one... Of course, that is what really happened:D

06-12-03, 10:59