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03-12-03, 15:53
My Defi boost gauge has been playing up for a while, sometimes not working other times it does, even just by flicking the power off and back. Now its stopped working alltogether.

The gauge lights up etc but just keeps flashing the red indicator.

My EGT does this when I plug that in without the sensor being plugged in so I'm guessing the boost sensor is dead and thus the cause of whats happening.

Anyone know if you can you get spares? Getting a bit irritated at the mo................

03-12-03, 16:17
I really should be on Envy's payroll


I'm sure Miami Rice sell them too.


Gaz Walker
03-12-03, 16:48
Cheques in the post Tony ;)

03-12-03, 16:56
You guys are fecking superb :D Cheaper than a whole new kit :D

Gaz - whats in it mate? Do you get all the wiring for the boost gauge or is it literally just the sensor that you plumb the vacuum line into?

Gaz Walker
03-12-03, 17:23
You get all the wiring as its designed to connect the Defi Link Display (no guage) upto boost pressure...


03-12-03, 18:20
Just the bloody trick mate! :D

Looks like I'll be placing an order on your webby then. :D


(and wait for another thread to pop up when that doesn't fix it ;) LMAO!!!)