View Full Version : HKS VALCON CAMS (VVTI only)

03-12-03, 00:35
Just wondering if any one on the BB is running the HKS 'Valcon' cam on their VVTI? If so any feedback?

Thanks in advance,


03-12-03, 18:51
darren as far as i know i dont think anyone on the board has modded a vvti that far yet, i think urs and robs bpu'd cars are as far as anyone has gone so far, but i could be wrong so id be interested to know too as these seem to be the only readily available cams for the vvti

03-12-03, 20:31
Thought it might the case!

It just seemed like the next natural step after my hybrids etc. So was hoping for some info....

03-12-03, 20:39
like i say i may be wrong though cos there were a few people who i hadnt spoken to before who replied to the vvti owners thread i started so we might find someone :)
shame nathan doesnt post anymore as tdi seem quite involved with the hks stuff and i think they may have worked on some high power vvti's
perhaps chris wilson may have come across a car with these on?

03-12-03, 20:44
Have discussed this with Nathan. TDI have fitted some and recomend them, apparently it gives you a 272 profile at WOT but isn't lumpy off the bottom. Just wanted an owners opinion....

03-12-03, 21:00
yeah i hear what u r saying, always best to see for yourself or get an independant opinion
thats the problem with the vvti not enough data and the usual source (the yanks who can afford to test everything out) dont have any vvti's, so cant get the feedback off them as u can with non vvti's