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02-12-03, 21:24
There's nothing wrong here, just a theoretical question.

What would happen if you were to spin an auto, and it rolled backwards whle in Drive? would it screw the box up?

02-12-03, 21:27
I've wondered this question myself before..

I would assume it would pop out of gear into neutral? But that's just a guess..


Steve W
02-12-03, 21:39
I 'suppose' I must have actually done that when I put it
backwards thru a FENCE ???

One minute I was in "D" (but doing about 40-60 in 2nd/3rd ?)

then the kickdown>>>2ndTurbo>>>voila ! ! !
it went backwards onto a pavement and straight back thru the fence.

Once I'd stopped shaking... it was still in "D" but 'stalled' (?)
just put into "P" and it started OK.........

NOT exactly what you're talking about, but,...........

(you mean: would it drag-down below idle, or what ???
that's what mine may have actually done,
what about a REALLY steep hill-start ? similar ? - can't say I've
needed the handbrake on ANY hill...YET, so I couldn't say)

03-12-03, 07:35

See here (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11183)

03-12-03, 08:39
mine used to always hold its position on a hill and on flat it used to drive forward slowly. but with tc fitted it rolls back on a hill and you have to give it more revs to get it going. and spins wheels if you give it too much gas. nothing to worry about. driving an auto is great. been driving my manual astra and its crap in traffic jams.

Aerotop Dave
03-12-03, 19:09
Awww, boo. I'll miss my 'pootling speed' if I get RLTC fitted then. Great for going round carparks.


Steve W
03-12-03, 19:25
The A'Con gives you an 'EXTRA' 4/5mph Poodling-Speed
(when the tickover gets 'raised' ! !:p )

Two-Speed "Idle-Cruise" ? ?

(DAVE, I think ? Markie mean True Conversion ?? not Traction Control ??
Is that right Mark ???? )

[AFAIK RLTC doesn't alter yer Idle etc !?!?:conf: only yer Wheel-Spin ?]