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29-11-03, 21:48
Drove my Saxo for the first time in 3 months or so today. Can't believe I spent 3 years driving this thing. You can change gears with one finger, and the stick feels like it's about to fall off in your hand. The unassisted steering which I used to love goes from incredibly heavy at standstill to disturbingly light on the move. It feels like you're sitting in a high chair, the clutch is like stepping on a sponge and the accelerator feels like its attached with a rubber band somewhere along the line. And acceleration is pretty much constant in every gear ie there's none at all. Thank heavens it's gone, and after today, all I want to do is tear up the tarmac in the Soop, even more so than usual, and thank God that I'm lucky enough to have one in the first place.


29-11-03, 22:09
reminds me of the days i have to borrow my brothers 'F' reg 205 Diesel (the guy has absolutely no interest in cars, he does make you put plastic covers on its seats but this is for your clothes protection not the seats!)
No PAS, very tired suspension plus the usual diesel sound and performance combine to give a truely humbling motoring experience!

The supra really does spoil you............

30-11-03, 00:28
:D @ Seb. Great summary !

Normal cars are really poor compared to the supe. I haven't driven any other car for 18 months until I drove my mates corsa tonight. Such hard work. No power steering. No power full stop. And the absolute worst bit is that it really doesn't like going round corners at all ! :eek: :(
I mean, you try and make allowances but it's ridiculous ! :D

Long live the mighty Supra :D

02-12-03, 04:34
Everytime I drive my sisters 306 it feels like driving a block of flats on wheels.......with brakes made out of jelly....

Ian C
02-12-03, 11:21
I drove a diesel Fiat Marea yesterday. Took me ages of near-stalling to realise I had to use about half throttle just for maneouvering. Here is a novel thing though, you could use (in fact pretty much had to) WOT in traffic :eek: unheard of in the Supra :)


04-12-03, 06:08
The major thing I find about getting into peoples cars and driving them is that the first corner or roundabout I come to, I always nearly sh1t it, because as it goes round the hole thing usually starts to lean in the opposite direction your trying to turn, feels like the things just going to fall on its side. I feel so much sway, Im like how can you drive with all this swaying, it makes me feel sick, just feel like Im constrantly being thrown around....:(

04-12-03, 08:07
Yup, thats my problem too. :eek:

Aerotop Dave
04-12-03, 09:17
I tend to find I sit 'in' the Supra but 'on' other cars. My 200SX feels incrediably 'upright', and it's actually quite low.

04-12-03, 09:25
ive driven my g/f company 318 which got a fairly reasonable write up for handling. Still feels very tall and wallowy compared to the supe and the effort required to overtake is full WOT just to do one car. Suddenly racing against anything becomes neck and neck.

Mad Ad
04-12-03, 13:01
Look at the bottom of my signature. You can see where I'm comoing from!:p

04-12-03, 14:42
During my trip to Australia, I had the pleasure of returning to my V8 roots. My car has been parked infront of my mother's house for 2 and a half years, barely driven (something like 1000 miles in that time, except when I'm over there and it suddenly does that in a week).

The first day of driving, I nearly wrote it off more times than I care to count. Sure, it's got power.. probably a fair bit more than the Supra does.. but the damn thing can't turn a corner OR stay in a straight line (it's either fishtails or powerslides). Doing corners at 60km/h that I'd do in the Supra at 60mph the car is leaning over to the side, tires squealing, back end reaching for the skies..

It was like driving a barge. Well, compared to the Supra it is - 3 adults can comfortably sit in the back seats with the fronts back as far as they'll go. It's a nice car, honest, and after the first week I got used to driving it again and started to enjoy it..

but nothing quite prepared me for returning to the Supra. Even reversing out of my driveway was a more pleasurable affair.

I will DEFINITELY buy a Supra when I go back to Australia :thumbs: