View Full Version : Toyota Supra 1982-1998 Performance Portfolio - Book

29-11-03, 20:05
Thought I'd get one and see if it's any good :)

Jap Performance Mag - Supra Book (https://baden.ipl.co.uk/cgi-bin/gen5?runprog=chpshop&uid=1070135635026020&country=United+Kingdom&deltype=a&type=books&mag=jap&funct=ind&id=1-855-20636-6)

More Jap car books (https://baden.ipl.co.uk/cgi-bin/gen5?runprog=chpshop&uid=1070135635026020&country=United+Kingdom&deltype=a&type=books&funct=browse&mag=jap)

peter richards
29-11-03, 21:52
hi pete , does it come in silver . lol .

Aerotop Dave
30-11-03, 10:06
Yeah, seen that advertised for a while now, always wondered if it was any good.

Let us know :thumbs:

Mark Ayling
30-11-03, 13:45
Oooh, let us know - I fancy one of those :thumbs:

30-11-03, 16:40
I meant to make a post when I got mine the other month - it's not a bad read, lots of the older articles you can't get anymore.

A few too many MK3 articles and some of the MKIV stuff is in black and white but still worth the money, especially when you can pay 10 for a copy of a magazine just for one of the articles.

03-12-03, 16:50
:D :D :D Got my book today along with the Skyline GTR book too.

only had a flick so far but, looks good.

In the Skyline book there is a test GTR v Supra. (both stock)

Once I have had a read, I'll let you know if there are any good but, for 12.95 each they are cheap as chips :)

3 days to get here from order :thumbs:

03-12-03, 17:00
Might have to get one of these - or Xmas prezzie!!! ;)

Peter - did you get the lardy 500 page Uk version? ;) Do you know if theres a lightweight 250 page JSpec version available? ;) :p


BTW - how's the motor going - how close to getting her back?