View Full Version : Who can supply me with these alloys?

Aerotop Dave
29-11-03, 18:57
Seen these on a few Supras now and they are the ones I want (seeing as OZ Polaris' don't come in the right fitting for Supras :confused: ). Attached pic shows them in white and silver.

Also now seen on CJ's new car in this thread:

All anyone seems to know is that they are made by AVS. Does anyone know the model or number and who can actually supply the buggers? I've looked on loads of UK sites without success.

01-12-03, 11:43
Dude what Kinda wheels have you got on yours ? Might be up for a swap ?

01-12-03, 13:16
I've got those wheels and would consider selling them if I found another set of wheels I liked and in my price range.

They are Yokohama AVS 17"s

I think they are in abundance in Japan. I've seen em on Supes, Skylines and RX7's. They are in GT3 on PS2 as well under Yokohama wheels :) I've got a set fitted to my 1100bhp Silver Supe :)

If you want new JIC might be able to get you some or Gaz from Envy.

Aerotop Dave
02-12-03, 08:44
I've got these ones at the moment.

Aerotop Dave
04-12-03, 20:26
Do I take it you're not interested then boys now you've seen mine?! :)

Aerotop Dave
29-01-04, 09:35
Sorry to top an old thread but I really need to start progressing this purchase and I never did get anywhere with it.

I want to buy these now. Can anyone help me or suggest who to talk to?

Terry S
29-01-04, 10:10
I think CJ has AVS's. www.tirerack.com used to sell them

Also, Paul Whiffin gets wheels fron Japan.

Paul Whiffin
29-01-04, 11:07
There not made anymore.....

Aerotop Dave
29-01-04, 12:10
Ohhhh, for f...

Just my luck.

Aerotop Dave
29-01-04, 12:13
Hang on a minute. Far had some on his Supra that he's just crashed. Hmmm...

Edit - I've just read his thread and seen that one of the wheels is in pieces. :(

Paul Whiffin
29-01-04, 18:10
I might have a set available in around 3 - 4 weeks time, may be, not sure yet, the customer is just deciding whether to change his wheels or not.....give me a shout then and you never know.

Aerotop Dave
30-01-04, 08:22
Ahh, okay, cheers matey, I'll stick a note on me calendar.

Terry S
30-01-04, 08:56
FWIW, The Gewalt single peice look very similar

01-02-04, 12:06

You have a PM.

Aerotop Dave
01-02-04, 17:54
Aye... you got one too now :)