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Adam Kindness
28-11-03, 08:13
not sure why.... but i've bought another car..... not another sup im afraid. Just a wee punto GT to erm..... maybe use once a week :lol:


Also got the throttle body stuff sorted out for the 2.1 engine to go into the bucket of shit corsa :lol:

Supra - was busy fixing a few things up on it, rust patches, generel tidy up etc when i was punted of to noggie land. It'l be in a bit of a mess when i go see ity :(

28-11-03, 09:53
Well well, someone making the car move in the opposite direction to me. I imagine you've already been over to puntosports cause you know Ross (Vibrio)?

PuntoSports (http://www.puntoabarth.co.uk/phpBB2/)

Edited to add link and fix spelling

Adam Kindness
28-11-03, 11:23
hehe, yeah i know Ross... but have never been on puntsport or whatever.... will go check it out, cheers

28-11-03, 13:35
Adam, did you know your old Supra is for sale?

well i think its yours........12,995 ish on autotrader.