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27-11-03, 09:22
hello all having to sell my supra it was at santa pod at the back, (one with the nice rear bumper) red 6 tt email me off list

27-11-03, 13:46
Arg, thats a bit soon, what happened? :(

27-11-03, 15:00
This MR2 > Supra > MR2 theme is getting silly now ;)

27-11-03, 15:08
What ARE you on about... :)

27-11-03, 15:26
Originally posted by Bobbeh
What ARE you on about... :)

Just the usual batch of random ramble :D

If memory serves me correctly Adam used to be an IMOC-UK member which implies he had an MR2 - he bought a Supra and now, looking at his recent posting over on IMOC, he wants to be back in the Supra's little brother again.

So that's 4 people over the past month who used to own MR2s and decided to go back to them (although 2 of us are hooked on Supra again now :))


Ramble, ramble, ramble.... :moo:

27-11-03, 15:39
Thats right, bit of a long story, but these cars are awesome and it will be missed. life style requires the change more then anythink and the bank manager . only going if the money is right.

27-11-03, 17:03
Oh right, you two know each other .. :)

I dont think you'll have too much trouble selling it Adam, its certainly different and those wheels I've not seen here before.

27-11-03, 17:07
You've kept a low profile with this great sounding Supra Adam - do you have a full spec and pictures?

27-11-03, 17:20
I have a pic from Santa Pod...


27-11-03, 17:33
stop saying thinks like that the thought is already bracking my heart. nice pic though could you email me any other pics you have of the car to afennell@unique-group.co.uk, it would be greatly appreciated

27-11-03, 17:39
Hey dude, look what I've just found - some pics from my collection :)

Nice rear (http://www.mwhite.dsl.pipex.com/ImgSantaPod/109_0913.jpg)

Nice side (http://www.mwhite.dsl.pipex.com/ImgSantaPod/109_0914.jpg)

Fantastic looking car mate and that rear end is :cool:

27-11-03, 17:43
the rear ends is

Trial you can find them at http://www.suprastore.com/

27-11-03, 20:49
Not what you want to hear I know but my word she's lovely - one of the few red Supras I like.

Your rear end matches my shopping list and those wheels are a bit special, sorry to see you being forced to part with it :(