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27-01-08, 16:02
hiya all, i had my car resprayed in october and i have noticed when you look at some areas in the sunlight, it is abit orange pealy , mainly around the body kit i.e the edge of the skirts and the lip of the bumper. is there anything i can put on that will try and help flatten off the paint to a better finish?????
was hoping there is some sort of abrasive polish which might even the finish off abit better

any ideas?????:search:

27-01-08, 16:04
It needs to be re- flat and polished. Take it back to the bodyshop and they should do it FOC.

27-01-08, 16:10
cheers, was wondering if it needed to be polished up after it had been on a while, will take it back round and have them polish it up