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05-10-03, 10:06
just a note to let you know that vehicle buyers japan as advertised in the resources section have done a runner. they were based in newbury at new greenham park and have left owing hundreds of thousands of pounds. when i was up there the other day a scooby owner turned up looking for his car to his relief he found it,but when he looked under the bonnet, no engine, nowhere to be found and no keys. if any of you have a car or parts up there get up and see the security, you might be lucky but i think its all going to be bad news. the thieving f88kers
cheers ...lee

05-10-03, 11:51
:eek: :eek: :eek:

:( :( :(

I sold my FTO through them couple of years ago!

Hope no-one has been affected!


05-10-03, 15:38
:eek: I bought my car from them a couple of years ago! They seemed like a good place at the time, the director seemed like a good guy...:(

05-10-03, 15:43
yeh i agree. they were or seemed to be very nice people. i used to do all the maintenance on greenham common. the people who worked there done alright though, they stripped the workshops of all their tools and equipment

05-10-03, 18:37
I took a car for a test drive there recently. So glad i didn't buy now. But like you said it all seemed very good there.

Seems like someones been dippin there hand in the till

Mad Ad
10-10-03, 14:26
I bought my Supra from there in April! They have gone with 6 months left of my warranty but they included that in the price so I didn't really dip out there... Oh dear.

Steve Cargill
10-10-03, 15:56
Originally posted by Mad Ad
I bought my Supra from there in April! They have gone with 6 months left of my warranty but they included that in the price so I didn't really dip out there... Oh dear.

The warranty is probably with Warranty Holdings and not the dealer so you should be OK. At least as OK as you ever get with those ones....

10-10-03, 17:48
Yeah, it's one of those warranties that doesn't include anything subject to periodic replacement. I.e. everything :(

Mad Ad
12-10-03, 17:30
I believe it was with the RAC.

12-10-03, 17:59
I heard that WHs policies were one of the better ones.... lets face it they're a "nice to have" rather than something to depend your life on :(

Mad Ad
24-09-04, 11:31
Bringing up an old thread here! The premises are open again in the same place at Greenham. They are selling a yellow Supra and grey Supra in Autotrader. I remember the phone number and its Newbury alright. However I must stress I don't know whether its the same bloke trading.

24-09-04, 12:11
definitely not the same people. ive been up there. hes got a few supes in. the yellow supe really is a horrible colour too

24-09-04, 13:11
I thought Warranty Holdings went bust last year

24-09-04, 13:12
doh just seen the thread date !

Graham S
25-09-04, 13:24
I was up there the other day too, that yellow supe looks:eek:
Did see a tasty Evo 7, which i might go back and takea second look.

Its now owned by a couple of asian dudes, but the bloke before, was from New Zealand, and went back, he left cause he owed thousands and someone found where he lived and done him and his place over!

Was only 2 weeks before that he was begging me to go work for him, so i showed him my qualifications and said he'd never seen so many and was over qualified :D
His cars were well over priced personally, plus he got them cheap cause they got them from japan, blown up, and they only replaced the bare minimum, i found that out when i was looking at a R33 GTR which i couldn't drive cause no. 4 piston was gone..
He showed me around the place too, the workshop was carpetted! Posh! and the secretary was definately a looker!!


27-09-04, 15:59
not surprised in the least they went down. I had a real disaster story fitting a stereo to my j-spec mr2 !! In the end, I had three stereos from them, out of of which one worked, but wasn;t wired up because their elctrician fcookt it !! I didnt have time to do the distance all the time so just left it and had it seen to locally.

At the time, the director was ripping the crap outta a veilside supe - was in real taty condition as were a lot of their other cars.

Mad Ad
27-09-04, 23:28
I had a celica gt4 off them. I checked the oil to make sure it was ok a week after I had it and there was not a drop in there!:eek: So I put some in and it just smoked like a trooper. Took it back and they said the gasket needing replacing which they did in 3 days. So pick it up, drive home and smokes again! So I take it back, bearing in mind I'm in Portsmouth, and they said this time its the valve seats so I had to wait 8 weeks (!) for it to be fixed! So 8 weeks later I pick it up and yes, it smokes again so this time I a bit pissed off. They put a second hand engine in there. It ran fine for a few weeks then developed a misfire when pushing hard so back I go! Turns out the leads are starting to deterioate so they said they would replace them. Drive her again for a couple of days same problem. Phone them up and they said they didn't replace them, just bound them with some electrical insulating tape! And said they weren't covered cby warranty so I would have to replace them myself! Still, they took her back in part ex against the Supra and I just said it was fine when really it was a heap of crap!:devil: