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25-09-03, 18:26
This is the latest installment of my crash claim saga. :(

The insurance company received the assessors report today which included the fact that I have tinted wwindows. I had forgotten (genuinely) to inform my insurance company about this particular modification (I told them about everything else).

They are now saying that they have to refer the case to their underwriters to see if they can authorise the repairs.

How bad is this? Can they tell me that my insurance is invalid because of an undeclared mod? I am feeling very anxious! :eek:

25-09-03, 18:36
I don't have any advice to give, as I don't know this particular arena, however I hope it all works out for the best for you mate.


25-09-03, 18:44
I don't know what insurance co. you are with but some are a complete arsse!

A friend of mine had a crappy ford a couple of years ago, and he had an accident, the insurance company refused to pay out, because he had stuck in aftermarket rear headrests without informing them!! Now that just seems completely anal to me, but he got stuck with the costs to fix it.

I hope your insurance co. isn't quite as anal as his was.


26-09-03, 16:20
Just spoke to the underwriters.

It turns out the assessor had said in his report that the windows were very heavily tinted, with little light penetration. What a wanker!

They are only 15% tints!

I have faxed over the receipt which proves that, so there is no problem.

Now the repairs have been approved I need to try to work out the best way to get it fixed. Yet more hassle!

Someone said it before - don't crash your Supe, it's really not worth it :(

26-09-03, 16:26
Glad ya got it sorted :D

26-09-03, 16:27
"It turns out the assessor had said in his report that the windows were very heavily tinted, with little light penetration."

What an idiot. Obviously the "heavy tint" was what caused someone else to crash into you wasnt it...


26-09-03, 21:27
If it wasn't your fault then your insurance company doesn't need to pay out. Everything is claimed on the insurance belonging to the guy at fault. Thats the way I've always understood it to work. Therefore I can't see window tints having any effect on the outcome IMO, but then I'm no expert in the matter.

If the other guy hasn't admitted liability then it's upto the insurance companies to establish blame in which it could go either way because they are all a load of incopetant bar-stewards. That's also my own opinion, as I've heard of loads of cases where people at fault have simply got off without paying a damn thing.

Good luck with your claim, hope it works out for you.

11-06-04, 22:59
Simple answer....

Never ever deal with your own insurance company if it's not your fault... EVER, I wouldn’t even tell them, it effects your renewal even if you protect your no claims dude!

Get a private solicitor, close your claim with whichever asshole your insured with and get your solicitor to manage the costs. Do this immediately, regardless of what point you are along the process, and don’t EVER accept their authorised repair agents, if it’s not your fault, you choose the mechanic (may I suggest C.W he is the business, get your solicitor to arrange it all)

You also get YOUR OWN engineer (of course) to assess the costs, you get it fixed your way, not most economical repair…

Some asswhipe hit me up the ass the other day, after deciding not to kill him or dismember his lame ass, I went private, my insurance company were gutted when I told them to close the claim, only cos’ (ignore my paranoia) they all work together and agree repair costs at the cheapest shitest level. (sorry if I sound bitter, call it experience of being ripped of by the bastards)

Now I’m getting the full monty off the other guys policy…. Plus a nice little whiplash claim…. Oh ah my neck hurts, insurance is legalised extortion, don’t let the maggots do you man… See a private brief and get them to sort you out!!!!

My car will look better after the repair, not worse as is usually the case, go private and you have less worries.


11-06-04, 23:10
Ski has a point my car was hit and I never even told my insurance company. Just claimed off the other parties insurance all went through no grief.

dangerous brain
11-06-04, 23:14
Don't you legally have to declare things like claims regardless of who's fault it is.

Gordon F
12-06-04, 00:02
Originally posted by dangerous brain
Don't you legally have to declare things like claims regardless of who's fault it is.
Yes you do. You have to inform them of any accidents or convictions when they happen, not just at renewal time.

12-06-04, 19:45
Yeah, you may have to inform the parasites, that doesn't meen you have let them arrange the repairs for you (and would be stupid if you did, most Toyota garages don't understand Supes, afterall their mechanics may not have seen one for a good few years), that's when it comes inuseful to know a good mechanic, body shop and solicitor to sort it all out for you, like I said, I told Tesco what had happened, and then organised all the repairs directly, they tried to talk me out of doing that, even to the point of getting a bit shirty, clearly it's not in the interests of their "most economical repair bullshit policy" if the customer does it that way!!!!!

Obviously you cant use this approach if it's your fault or the third party in uninsured... In the case of the latter you may need to resort to other forms of persuasion :)


13-06-04, 03:00
Originally posted by Grazer
Someone said it before - don't crash your Supe, it's really not worth it :(

Or maybe it is, as we all like to push the boundaries, and at that moment before you crashed no doubt you could have been pushing those boundries......(Excuse me, Im stoned, thinking about high speed runs, ala Get Away in Basingstoke).:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

13-06-04, 17:56
Can't quite work out how this 9 month old thread got resurrected :conf: :D

All the repairs were done satisfactorily by the insurance company's repair garage, and even now liability hasn't been settled. The lawyers reckon I'm in the wrong as even though the stupid bint was performing an illegal manouvre on a roundabout, I should have been aware of her and avoided the collision. Fcuking lawyers and insurance companies. Anyway, I'm not bothered as I am with a different insurance company now, so it wont affect my no claims unless I tell them about it.

And I'm not going to be doing that :eek: :D

Oh, and the collision speed was approx 25mph, so there wasn't much boundary pushing being done - I thankfully have never had an incident during boundary pushing :innocent:

14-06-04, 01:19
mmmmmm, didnt realise this thread was so old...........

No boundary pushing Eh, thats when crashing isnt worth it.......

14-06-04, 09:25
Originally posted by Ashley Willis
No boundary pushing Eh, thats when crashing isnt worth it.......

Tell me about it - 3 crashes in 1 year - all under 30mph :flame Dev