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07-09-07, 11:49
Hi Guys

Im prepared for a harsh reception with this one.:(

Basically been a fan of both the 2JZ TT Supra & the RB26 GTR for years. Had a R33 GTR a few years back but had to get rid of her due to not being very relaible and the need of buying a house.

Now years later i really want to get back into the swing of things and rather than getting back into the unreliable world of the RB, i wanna get a 2JZ motor. I have been reliably informed for some time that the 2JZ was a better motor and since driving a mates Supra i beleive every word..the best engine ever made and put into a road car!!

Thing is the missus wont let me get another car so the only option left to me is to try and do the unthinkable and squeeze the motor into the car i have at present. At the moment its got a 2 litre turbo motor so the bay is a fair size?? :blink::blink: You know how it is nothing on earth sounds like a straight six on song!!:D

My question really is can anyone help in this conversion??



07-09-07, 11:52
theres a guy here called jezz that does conversions from na to tt for supra's. He might be able to help you.

What car is it you've got just now

07-09-07, 11:54

Might help if we knew what car it was going in.

07-09-07, 13:00
if she wont let you get another car, sell it and buy a supra! will cost alot i bet as its not only the engine you are going to have to buy;)can get a non turbo for around 3-4k

07-09-07, 13:05
Welcome mate :)
From the sounds of it Kevin, a non turbo sup is not what hes after!!

07-09-07, 13:12
:twak:read the thread kev!!!:taped:

07-09-07, 13:18
Anything is possible if you have enough money & talent.

07-09-07, 13:22

Check out the Winnebago. Crazy yanks :)

07-09-07, 13:27
What car do you have at the moment. Is it front wheel drive, i thin it would be pointless putting a 2jz engine in another car (apart from an S2K). Just sell you're car and then buy the supra like Kev said.

neil tt
07-09-07, 13:29
:welcome: sounds like it could be fun:)

07-09-07, 19:50
Thanks for the quick replies guys.

The car is a Rover Tomcat Turbo. Been tweaked a bit running around 280BHP at the moment. Somebody suggested a Honda K20 with a supercharger or turbo to get 300 to 400??

Not as much of a challenge as the six though.

07-09-07, 20:02
Im no mechanic but that would be a HUGE amount of work. If your mrs dont want you buying a new car shes not going to be happy with the amount of time you will spend apart while your going insane trying to fit the engine! It would seriously be a hell of alot cheaper just to sell the rover and buy a supra. :D

Im saying all this but it would be really cool to see the finished project if you succeeded! Good luck bud.

07-09-07, 20:22
you can have my NA engine for free if u can find me a vvti TT one i can buy and put in :p

besides. u could pick up a supra for 4-5k. u'd spend at lest 3k guying the engine and the getting it in...

07-09-07, 20:37
I'm not going to shout you down on this as I love crazy conversions, however I think you're going to be facing an extremely challenging and costly project here.

I cannot see you'd get one to fit into the Rover without massive modifications to the shell. The 2JZ is s bulky lump, you'd probably have to cut the firewall out just to get the engine in. The transission tunnel on the rover would have to come out completely (obviously it's designed with fwd in mind) and a new one fabricated. It's also need a custom rear end build to hang the axle from. Plus, the stock track would be too wide for the Rover.

However, this guy has been working on a 2jz-gte / Pug 205 conversion for a few years (it's in French, but the pics explain it well enough): http://team-auvergnate.goodbb.net/Vos-Projets-c1/Vos-Projets-f2/205-GTI-2JZ-GTE-30-Turbo-t288-0.htm It gives you some idea just how large and wide the Supra drivetrain is compared to smaller fwd cars!

And not to mention the driftworks 200sx with the 2JZ: http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?t=101850