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08-07-07, 14:10
Thanks everyone for turning up! It started off quite well - unfortunately ended up half way through the warm-up... thanks to appearance of BMW 530i (awesome drifter...) and two very concern police officers. All they were worried about was health and safety of the spectators - the fence around car park wasn't strong enough to stop a car skidding into the crowd... on the other hand concrete bollards holding the fence were dangerous for the drivers - what if car skidded straight into that bollard... so... with that in their very concerned minds they have decided to 'ask' us to stop drifting... but they were very kind to show us how to make sure it won't happen again. We will improve the safety by installing much stronger fence and we'll resurface the whole carpark. So watch this space peeps! HIGH OCTANE NIGHT - TAKE 2 IS COMING SOON!!!
...on the other hand it makes one wonder... as soon as one tries to have drifting in controled and safe environment police will make evry effort to stop it... as soon as one tries to have an event that involves cars and private land 'section 59' comes into play... but when people do silly things on the public roads causing real danger to the public no one bothers... it would be nice to have police on our side - at the end of the day we are improving public safety! ...or maybe it was completely something else? strangely enough they came straight into the Cafe looking for me... no member of public called because there was no 'public' - just people involved and happy about the whole thing! they new exactly when, where and who to look for. How strange... Mr DP? Did you make that call? I hope you didn't...
Anyway - we are working on it and we will have it improved in no time!!! Place is awesome and we all can enjoy it so let's not let them spoil it. Thanks again for showing up and taking part last night - next one will be twice as big!


08-07-07, 14:45
who's DP?

and course they knew about it and where to go, the police do read car forums :D

12-07-07, 13:56
pictures available now!


12-07-07, 13:58
waiting to see who DP is before I make a comment on this..


14-07-07, 17:16
Don't hold your breath JB.

Something tells me that post was a copy'n'paste job on many more forums than just this one...

Class One
14-07-07, 17:28
who's DP?

and course they knew about it and where to go, the police do read car forums :D

Do they???? I never knew that, how underhand of them.;)

Class One
14-07-07, 17:30
Anyway, did you actually ask any of the administration team if you could advertise your "event" here? Make sure you ask next time, just out of courtesy. ;)

14-07-07, 17:35
Is that the same bloody scooby that was up at Ace Cafe that Jap night drifting round like an idiot?

14-07-07, 17:36
This speaks volumes alone...